NTE Segments 3 Project in Fort Worth, Texas

31 May 2021

NTE Segments 3 project in Fort Worth, Texas. Construction of 16 highway bridges with precast concrete girders. Bridge configurations range from 1 to 22 spans and the total deck slab area is in excess of 400,000 SF (37,000 m²).

Bridges and Roads’ work on the NTE Segments 3 project in Fort Worth, Texas, is progressing rapidly toward completion. In Segment 3A, Phase 1 construction has been completed in the IH 820 / Mark IV Parkway area, and 4 bridges are now open to traffic. Construction of Phase 2 has already begun. At the same time, the 3 direct connectors between IH 820 and IH 35W and the U-turn bridge at NE 28th Street are nearing completion, with most of the concrete deck slabs already poured. On Segment 3C, substructure work on the IH 35W / SH 170 direct connectors is progressing smoothly and on schedule. At this point, 40% of the substructure has been completed. Girders have already been installed on 8 spans of bridge 106.1 and superstructure work has started.